You never know when there will be a fire…

The above is a quote from my husband.  I’ll tell you the story in a bit…

First – the second IUI was today.  We got in MUCH quicker this morning initially, but there was still the hour wait after the specimen deposit which was more like  an hour and 15 minutes, but oh well.  Everything else went fine.  Husbands count was down, which we were expecting, but still good. 51 million with 94% motility.

So the quote: we go back to the room for the procedure and the nurse gives the classic “remove clothes from the waist down, I’ll be right back.”  I have to use the facilities first, so I leave Justin in the room.  When I come back in he says, “It’s a good thing I didn’t have my pants off when you opened the door!”  I say to him, “Those instructions were for me, not you silly.”  He jokes back, “Oh, right.  Well, I already had my pants off anyway.”  I look at him quizzically then remember that, yes, he would have had his pants off for the specimen deposit.  He then says, “I had my shirt off too.”  I ask why he would need to have that off.  He says, “Well, I didn’t want to get anything on it.”  Right.  Of course.  Then he says, “But I left my shoes on.”  I laugh.  I laugh some more.  I ask why he didn’t take those off too, “Well, you never know when there will be a fire…”



I laughed, a lot.  Just the image of him in the room, making a deposit in nothing but shoes and socks and then having to suddenly run for it because of a fire.  HAHAHAHAHA!  I said to him, “Personally, if there was a fire I’d rather be wearing a shirt than shoes.”  His response?  “Yeah, but there could be nails.”  I love him dearly.  It’s right about this point as we’re both laughing our heads off and the happy laughter tears are starting to spill down my face that the nurse comes in for the IUI.  I wonder what she was thinking about us!

Of course, she was a talker.  I don’t know about you all, but I’d rather not talk about the weather and my weekend plans as some lady is sticking a speculum and catheter up in my nether regions.  It’s just a bit awkward…plus I’m fighting not to yell out in pain, not really up for the talking.  Luckily husband takes over at that point for me.  Just as she begins the procedure, Justin leans over and whispers in my ear, “Just remember…there could be a fire at any time…”

Love him. 🙂



One down…

Completed IUI #1 today.  Go back tomorrow for the 2nd round.  Everything went fine once we got in.  45 minutes after our appointment was supposed to be Justin was finally able to make his “deposit”.  Then it was another hour wait until it was ready.  I called into work and said I wouldn’t be in today.  I’ll probably go in tomorrow afternoon.

The insemination went well.  Justin’s count: 100 million, 89% motility!  One thing everyone at the clinic has said to us is that Justin is VERY fertile.  He’d probably have 20 kids by now if he’d married a fertile woman.  The nurse today even said she went back to the technicians to check and make sure the numbers were right and there hadn’t been a mistake!  She said she’d never seen a count so high.  Crazy!  Our last IUI the count was high as well.  If think it was 95 million the first day and around 80 the second.  Still, you could split that fertility among 3 guys and they’d still be doing well for themselves!  (Strange the things that can be bragged about in the IF world!)

Lots of pain for the procedure.  I don’t know if all you IUI vets out there have experienced the same thing, but it’s always quite painful for me.  I told my husband when we left I always feel like they should buy me dinner first at least!  I also like to joke about 2 ladies making a baby.  Today I said I’d call up the Christian Coalition and let them know that it is possible for 2 women to make a baby! *wink*

We were also able to get about a months worth of progesterone before we left.  They hadn’t made a perscription for me yet so when we asked she came back with 2 boxes!!!  Yay.  Saves us about $200!  Like I said, we go back again tomorrow and then start the meds on Thursday.

Spent the day lounging on the couch watching True Blood (HBO Series) and Run, Fatboy, Run (movie).  Both excellent.  I love Simon Pegg.  Will keep you all updated on the progress of everything.