day 2: favorite movie…

Welcome to Day 2 – movie day.  You thought I loved music (well I do…) – I LOVE MOVIES!!!  Ask my poor dear husband who has to suffer through me watching movies over and over again, or constantly speaking to him in movie quotes.  He’s not one to watch a movie more than once.  Me?  If I like it, I own it and I watch it continually!  So, you could probably already guess, I have many, many favorites.  So, I’m going to have to cut this post down and just choose a few (and by few I mean 8).  So again, in no particular order, some of my favorite movies:

Basically this movie is about a bank robbery.  It’s a Spike Lee film, so you know there’s more going on than that!  It’s amazingly put together (and doesn’t hurt that it stars Clive Owen *drool*) and keeps you guessing.  I’m not giving any more plot away because really, it would ruin the movie.  Watch it if you haven’t!

This movie cracks me up.  It brings back memories of my time working at camp.  There is a quote from this movie for EVERY situation in life and if you can’t find one, you’re not trying hard enough!  Tommy inherits an auto parts factory after the unexpected death of his father and has to go on the road to sell the new line of break pads – hilarity ensues!  Check it out!

One word: epic.  The movies are as beautifully crafted as the books!  Read the books!  Watch the movies and show some love for JRR Tolkien!  He wrote the books because he was a linguist and wanted to invent a language – but the story has lived on and on!

Joss Whedon is my master.  He has created the majority of my favorite TV shows, and doesn’t disappoint with Serenity, created to tie up the story line that was prematurely ended when Firefly was canceled 1/2 way through it’s first season.  The characters are rich and have more depth than the next 10 movies you’ll watch combined!  Not to mention they all kick some major ass!  If you like SciFi, you’ll love this – and watch the Firefly TV series first.  You won’t regret it!

While this movie is one of my favorites (again, Clive Owen), I haven’t been able to watch it in over 3 yrs.  It’s based on the short story by PD James (also one of my favorite books).  The premise is it’s the year 2027 and for the past 18 years no children have been born anywhere in the world – all humans have become infertile.  You can see why I may have a hard time watching this movie.  It’s an amazing story and really does give hope in the IF world, but hard to watch.  If you think you can handle the story line, give it a try.  I think it has a lot to say not only about fertility, but about the state of our world in general and where we could end up if just one thing were to change.

On the lighter side we have Kevin Smith’s brilliant Dogma.  HIGHLY irreverent but incredibly hilarious.  The basic premise is that there are 2 angels who had been tossed out of heaven eons ago and they’ve found a loop hole back in.  The problem is if they complete their plan existence will cease to be.  On top of all of this, God has gone missing and the only ones who can find him/her are a woman who works at an abortion clinic and 2 slackers from Jersey.  Yeah, I said it was irreverent!  Within all that though, it makes some great points on the state of faith and belief.  If you’re not easily offended give this one a shot!

And if you’re in for even MORE irreverence and lots of violence then Boondock Saints is for you!  It’s about 2 Irish twin brothers living in Boston who one night dream they have been called by God to rid the world of evil doers.  So they go on a killing spree.  Yup – violence.  It’s also incredibly funny (gotta love the gay FBI agent played by Willem Defoe) and even within the violence and terrible theology carried out by these 2 brothers you can find some meaning.  Warnings again to those easily offended and those who don’t appreciate blood and violence in a movie – if you can stand all that though, you must watch this movie.

And last but certainly not least, The Big Lebowski.  I think this is the only Cohen Brothers movie that I like.  The rest of them are just too far off of making any sense for me.  I like a good confusing movie, don’t get me wrong, but pointless and confusing gets a bit much (though I know that’s their thing, it’s just not for me).  But in the case of the Big Lebowski, it’s beautiful!  An unemployed slacker who’s passion in life is bowling and White Russians goes on a quest to replace the rug from his front room that was peed on by 2 thugs looking for a different Jeff Lebowski.  The Dude (Jeff Bridges) embarks on the quest only to be side tracked by kidnappings, nihilists, Vietnam vets (his best friend) and eccentric artists.  It’s a crazy good time.  Highly recommended!

Okay, well, that’s my pick of 8 favorite movies.  I have more, but I’ll spare you all of that!  I feel this is a fair representation of what I like 😀  Stay tuned tomorrow for Day 3: TV programs (oy vey, I’m sorry, you’re gonna get another long one!)



It’s been a week since the IUI.  I don’t think it worked.  It seems like at this point last time, when we had conceived Zippy, I was exhausted, thirsty all the time, and peeing non stop.  I haven’t felt any of those symptoms so far.  We have our blood test on Monday (6/29) and I’m not holding out much hope that it will be good news.  I’m going to be devastated if this did not work.  We had 1 shot to go for this.  Now I don’t think we’ll be able to try again, unless we win the lottery.  It makes me so angry that the only thing stopping us from having a child is money.  It’s just not fair.

In other news, we are getting a new “baby” of sorts…we’ve decided to get another dog.  We have one 3 year old dog now named Malcolm Reynolds (named after a character from the TV show Firefly/movie Serenity).  We got Mal when he was 8 weeks old and now we’re ready for him to have a “sibling.”  Mal is a mix between a chihuahua and a terrier (what kind we’re not sure).  Here’s Malcolm:


Our new puppy will also be named after a character from Firefly/Serenity.  Her name is Inara Serra:


She is 7 weeks old.  Unfortunatly, we don’t have her home yet.  We’ll pick her up on Sunday after we move.  My husband is starting school in the fall, so we’re moving closer to his school.  Her mix: her mom is a bichon frise/shih tzu mix and her dad is a dachshund.  You can see she gets most of her looks from daddy!  I’m so excited to have her joining our family.

I’ve wanted a new puppy for a while, but I think this is a good time to get her.  I’ve been antsy all week wanting to go pick her up.  It’s kept my mind off of the wait for the blood test.  Also, if it does turn out to be a BFN, at least I’ll have her to fill my life for a while.  Having a new puppy is very much like a new baby.  We found that out when we got Malcolm.  You have to get up in the middle of the night to take them out to go potty.  They sleep a lot and sometimes make little puppy crying sounds.  You have to constantly watch them to make sure they’re not getting into things they’re not supposed to, or chewing on things they shouldn’t.  The only difference is that you can’t leave a baby in a crate all day while you’re at work!

I hope you are all doing well.  Thank you for all of the comments and support you give.  I don’t go through a day without checking on my IF blogging community at least twice.  I rejoice with you when things go well, and cry with you when they don’t.  I’m so grateful to have this community to be with me on my own journey.