Hey guys…sorry it’s been so long in between my posts.  As nerve wracking and intense as the 2ww is, there’s really not much to blog about!  Actually, as I’m not expecting that anything will come of this particular cycle, I haven’t felt the need to blog about every twinge I feel there, or “symptom” I feel there.  I’m more treating this cycle as a “test” to see how the Metformin works – or even if it will work!  As far as I can tell, I am now 14 dpo (days past ovulation).  That means that very soon I should be getting a visit from every woman’s favorite aunt – Aunt Flo!!  If not, Fertility Friend has advised me that, since this is the first cycle I’ve charted with them, that I shouldn’t POAS until Dec 22 – and I’m not planning on it!  As AMAZING as it would be if I did by some small miracle become pregnant on this cycle, I would be happy (though, not nearly AS happy) with AF arriving in a timely manor after the big O.

So, I’m posting my chart as it stands today…I thought I was maybe starting to get the signs that AF will be here today, but so far, I’ve been wrong on that point.  We’ll see.  Perhaps tomorrow she’ll show her lovely face.

Shout out to all of my IF online friends who have gotten the good news of a BFP in the past few weeks!  It seems they are coming out of the wood work!!  Congrats to all of you – it gives me a lot of hope to see you who have struggled so much to have that ray of light and hope in your lives now!  I can only hope that the rest of us will be next! 😀



huh, would you look at that…

Yup…that’s a BBT/Ovulation chart, and guess what it shows???  OVULATION!!!  And a temp spike afterward!  I can’t believe it!!!  According to Fertility Friend I have a “good” chance at conception based on the info.  Of course, that’s not taking into account that I rarely if ever have a “good” chance at conception, but just the fact that this seems to prove that I can indeed ovulate (with the help of my new BFF, Metformin) is a major feat in and of itself!!  Huzzah!

My last post with the OPK help needed seems to have been the best O day.  That was as dark as the line got and with the temperature spike now, I’ve stopped using the OPK’s (also the last 2 days the line has gotten much lighter).  Granted, the hubby and I weren’t too good with the BDing this month (mostly my fault) so I’m not expecting anything to come of this, but there’s always next cycle!  Folks – this could really work!!!!!  I’m can’t even tell you how excited I am about this right now!  When I tried charting in the past, my temps were all over the place, not to mention there was never any spike or drop in temp at any point other than the daily up and downs.  This was a MUCH better cycle!  Again I say, HUZZAH!!

your eyes needed…

Since this is the first time I’ve used OPK’s, I’m not entirely sure when it’s a positive and when it’s a negative.  I’ve been using OPK’s since CD-11.  Just over the past few days I’ve started to notice that there IS a second line on the test, but I know with these the line is to be as dark or darker than the control – so I need your eyes.  I took 2 different pictures of the OPK this morning with 2 different light settings.  Can you help me read it?

From what I can see, it’s not quite a positive yet, but it seems REALLY close!  CD-23 and Ovulation?  I hope that’s not too late in the game!  Either way, DH – prepare for some BDing this weekend!