just a quick note…

Mother’s day is hard.  There’s no question about that.  I don’t think I need to rehash something that we all know and feel…but I did want to share this article written by Nia Vardalos (from My Big Fat Greek Wedding).  It’s a great way to explain what we all go through, not just on Mother’s Day, but every day that we struggle  with infertility and loss.

In some amazingly good news, my blog friend K from Waiting for Sunflower has had her little baby boy!!  I’m so happy for her.  She and I have almost parallel stories (PCOS, MTHFR, 2 miscarriages) – I’m so happy that she has finally gotten her Sunflower, she deserves every bit of happiness.  If you have some time, swing over to her blog and leave her a note of congratulations!


That dreaded day…

You know the one I mean…that one that is bittersweet…where you honor the one who gave you life, but grieve that you have not yet been able too…yeah, that one.

I made it through this year, due to many distractions and friends.  It was not as bad as I thought it would be, but I tried very hard not to let it be.  I cringed everytime I heard someone say “Happy Mother’s Day” in my vicinity.  I put off calling my own mother because I was afraid to say it myself.  I kept myself busy so I couldn’t sit and reflect on what I was missing out on this year.  This year, MD (Mother’s Day) should have been the best ever…I should have been 18 weeks along on Sunday.  I should have been happily planning baby showers and nursery rooms.  I should have been excited that on next MD, I’d have a child to celebrate with.  Instead I’m left to wonder if I’ll ever be able to make it through MD with out regret, sadness and loss.  How do you all cope with MD?  Do you do something special?  Do you ignore it?