you know you’ve been TTC too long when…

Everything you start to see makes you think of IF or TTC related things. This is a problem I’ve been having lately. Random, mundane things will all of a sudden look TTC related to me.

The first instance happened last week. I was doing a Focus Group study (basically a company pays you to come in and look at their adds and answer questions. Usually get about $100 for 2 hours. Not bad…) for a company that makes lotions and body washes. Their new add campaign is featuring hand drawn blueberries across the screen during the commercial. At one point they showed an image of a blueberry being used as a clock (to highlight that you will have 24 hours of moisturizing). In some of their other adds the blueberries were used to mark the hours on the clock. On this one, the whole blueberry was the clock. Now this is pretty harmless to a regular person…to me, all I could see was a fertilized egg:

blueberry1 blueberry2

Am I wrong here?  Now, these are not the images they used for their clock…just random clip art I found…trust me, theirs DID look a lot like a fertilized egg.  So, I made a comment about it.  We’re encoraged to say what we think of the adds, so I did.  I was immediatly embarrased.  Of COURSE I was the only woman in the group who would see THAT in the add!  Oi!

Exhibit 2: WordPress Stats.

I opened up my wordpress dashboard to check if I had any new comments or anything.  If you have wordpress, you know on your dashboard you will see a graph that charts the stats of your blog: how many people have viewed it on a particular day.  Completly inocent – unless you’re TTC!!


Anyone else see it?  To me this is not a stats chart of all you lovilies who check my blog: it’s a basil body tempature chart.  Yup, the good ‘ole BBT.  This is especially true for me, as I can’t really chart my BBT because it always looks like this: up and down every day, no matter what.

Maybe I’m going crazy.  Maybe I’ve been at this too long, but one thing is for certain: nothing in this world is the same once you’ve joined the IF ranks!


An infertility success?

King George I?

King George I?

So I’m crusing on WebMD (like I do when I want to know what is going to happen in the future right now.  To date, no answers predicting my IF future have been found on WebMD) and I find an article called “When Plan A Fails” about infertility.  I decided to read it and came across this interesting tidbit:

“Medical historian Robert Marion, M.D., believes that George Washington’s fertility problems changed the course of American history. In an article that appeared in Newsday in 1994, Marion argued that Washington turned down the chance to become ‘King’ of the United States because of his lack of heirs to inherit the throne.”

I guess we of the infertile crowd can be proud of this one great success: We are a democracy rather than a monarchy!  Huzzah to us?  Huzzah to us!