day 3: favorite tv show…

And here we are at Day 3: favorite TV show.  Once again, I can’t choose just one!  That would be silly!  So we’ll dig right in.  And in no particular order, 10 of my favorite TV shows.

Okay, I kinda lied.  If I absolutely had to pick only ONE favorite show, I wouldn’t even blink before saying Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Hands down: Best. Show. Ever.  I love it.  It started as a movie (which was awful) that was created by Joss Whedon – who left the movie when they started taking it in a direction he didn’t want to go.  His response was to create the TV show, to make Buffy who and what he wanted it to be.  The rest is TV history.  I could watch this show all day long, and I have!  I own every season, I own books, and posters and action figures and trading cards and much more.  My hubby and I even went as Buffy and Angel for Halloween one year (I was Angel, he was Buffy – I’ll have to post that picture someday)!  It’s brilliant and I love Joss Whedon.

Of course, I also love Angel, the show that spun off of Buffy.  It’s edgier, darker and more grown up.  While Buffy started in High School, then moved on to college and beyond, this show was for a more adult crowd.  Brilliant characters and story line.  Sadly it meet it’s doom before it was time.  Half way through season 5, right after the 100th episode aired the show was canceled and Joss had to find a way to bring resolution to a 4.5 yr story line in 1/2 a season.  He did a good job, but I would have loved to have seen where he would have taken the show next if given the chance.

Yup – another Joss Whedon masterpiece, again dead before it’s time.  Canceled after only a few shows aired, this show has become HUGELY popular in it’s afterlife.  It also has one of the best episode ever – EVER – made for TV called “Out of Gas”.  If you only watch one episode of Firefly, let it be that one.  Brilliant.  The characters are so well developed for only having 14 episodes (and only 12 of those aired on TV).  My dogs are even named after two of the characters in the show: Malcolm (the captain, in this pictures he’s the one sitting down) and Inara (the “companion”, pictured on the far left).  If you haven’t ever watched this show, you have to.  That’s an order 😀

Moving out of my Whedon obsession and into my crime show obsession, we have Dexter.  If you haven’t seen this or even heard of it, it’s because it’s only on Showtime (which I don’t get, we just buy all the DVD’s).  I also own all of the books that this show is based on (well, I still need the 2 most recent…).  Dexter is a blood splatter analyst for the Miami PD – he also happens to be a serial killer.  But he’s a killer with a purpose, he only kills other serial killers.  He has no conscience and so was taught to act human by his foster father (who was a cop) and was also taught how to get away with murder by him.  Even though Dexter lacks real emotion you find your self rooting for him, and not wanting him to get caught, either in a lie or a murder.  It’s a brilliant show based off of some brilliant books.  You can find it on Netflix so give it a shot!

I love CSI.  LOVE IT!  However, I hate the Miami and New York versions!  I’m a purist 😀  The characters are great, and the story lines keep getting more complex and they just suck you in, trying to solve the puzzle.  I’d be shocked if you’ve never even caught a glimpse of this show.  It’s a power house and there are reruns of it everywhere!  I think it’s going into it’s 11 or 12th season?  Whatever it is, I don’t ever want this show to end!

We’ll get back to my love of crime shows, but we’ll take a break to meditate on my love of British TV.  BBC – I love you.  First up we have The IT Crowd.  Brilliant comedy!  Currently there are 3 series (seasons) of this show and I’ve heard they’re working on #4 (YAY)!  It’s about 2 guys who work IT for an office in the city and their manager, a woman who knows nothing about computers.  It laugh out loud during every episode.  Anything that can go wrong does, but in a great funny way, not an Oh God make it end kind of way.  If you need a good laugh you HAVE to watch this show.

If you watch Doctor Who, you can already judge which Doctor and companion are, in my opinion, the best.  I love this show.  I actually grew up watching the old school series on PBS with my dad.  When I didn’t catch an actually episode I could hear it in my bedroom at night when I was supposed to be sleeping, that tell tale music and the sounds of Daleks, the TARDIS and Cybermen!  Brilliant.  I’m now a devoted fan of the new series, and of course Doctor #10 and Rose.  Love her.  I very much enjoy Doctor #11 and Amy Pond, the new regeneration, but David Tenant will always hold a special place in my heart.  If you like SciFi at all, watch Doctor Who!

Last in our British Series is Black Books.  This show only had 2 series, but was absolutely brilliant.  It’s about a cranky book shop owner, his best friend and co-worker.  Bernard Black hates people, hates life, hates everything.  He’s absolutely hilarious.  Dylan Moran has become one of my favorite actors/comedians.  You should look for his stuff on YouTube – brilliant.  He smokes like a chimney and drinks more wine than anyone you’ve ever met combined.  Again, if you need a good laugh, find this one!

Let’s get back to some crime shows!  Psych airs on USA and is amazing.  If you are a child of the 80’s, you will get every single joke in this show!  It’s about a guy named Shawn who has a great talent for noticing detail.  He pretends that he’s psychic and gets hired by the police to consult on cases.  He always solves them light years before the police.  He’s helped by his best friend Gus (brilliant played by Dule Hill).  If you’re thinking this sounds a lot like The Mentalist, be assured the Psych came first, and has even poked fun at the similarities of the two shows in some of it’s episodes!  It makes me laugh out hysterically in every episode.  A must watch.

Last on my list is TNT’s Leverage.  I just started watching this show a few months ago (caught the 1st 2 seasons through Netflix, 3rd season is on now).  It’s about criminals who have banned together to do good.  A grifter, a hitter, a theif, a hacker and the mastermind.  They get hired by every day people who have been wronged (family member murdered, life savings stolen, house taken by sketchy methods).  They figure out who done it and then plan an elaborate scheme to not only right the wrong, but make sure the responsible party pays for what they did.  It’s almost like Ocean’s 11 in that you never have the whole story of what went on until the end.  Keeps you guessing and even laughing at times.  And it doesn’t hurt that Christian Kane (who played Lindsey in Angel) is in it, too!  I recommend it.

That’s it for TV shows!  Of course I thought of tons more as I was writing this (how could I leave out 24 and Star Trek: TNG??), but I’ll spare you the rest 🙂  Next up: Favorite book(s).  I’m an AVID reader, so be prepared! 😀



It’s been a week since the IUI.  I don’t think it worked.  It seems like at this point last time, when we had conceived Zippy, I was exhausted, thirsty all the time, and peeing non stop.  I haven’t felt any of those symptoms so far.  We have our blood test on Monday (6/29) and I’m not holding out much hope that it will be good news.  I’m going to be devastated if this did not work.  We had 1 shot to go for this.  Now I don’t think we’ll be able to try again, unless we win the lottery.  It makes me so angry that the only thing stopping us from having a child is money.  It’s just not fair.

In other news, we are getting a new “baby” of sorts…we’ve decided to get another dog.  We have one 3 year old dog now named Malcolm Reynolds (named after a character from the TV show Firefly/movie Serenity).  We got Mal when he was 8 weeks old and now we’re ready for him to have a “sibling.”  Mal is a mix between a chihuahua and a terrier (what kind we’re not sure).  Here’s Malcolm:


Our new puppy will also be named after a character from Firefly/Serenity.  Her name is Inara Serra:


She is 7 weeks old.  Unfortunatly, we don’t have her home yet.  We’ll pick her up on Sunday after we move.  My husband is starting school in the fall, so we’re moving closer to his school.  Her mix: her mom is a bichon frise/shih tzu mix and her dad is a dachshund.  You can see she gets most of her looks from daddy!  I’m so excited to have her joining our family.

I’ve wanted a new puppy for a while, but I think this is a good time to get her.  I’ve been antsy all week wanting to go pick her up.  It’s kept my mind off of the wait for the blood test.  Also, if it does turn out to be a BFN, at least I’ll have her to fill my life for a while.  Having a new puppy is very much like a new baby.  We found that out when we got Malcolm.  You have to get up in the middle of the night to take them out to go potty.  They sleep a lot and sometimes make little puppy crying sounds.  You have to constantly watch them to make sure they’re not getting into things they’re not supposed to, or chewing on things they shouldn’t.  The only difference is that you can’t leave a baby in a crate all day while you’re at work!

I hope you are all doing well.  Thank you for all of the comments and support you give.  I don’t go through a day without checking on my IF blogging community at least twice.  I rejoice with you when things go well, and cry with you when they don’t.  I’m so grateful to have this community to be with me on my own journey.