huh, would you look at that…

Yup…that’s a BBT/Ovulation chart, and guess what it shows???  OVULATION!!!  And a temp spike afterward!  I can’t believe it!!!  According to Fertility Friend I have a “good” chance at conception based on the info.  Of course, that’s not taking into account that I rarely if ever have a “good” chance at conception, but just the fact that this seems to prove that I can indeed ovulate (with the help of my new BFF, Metformin) is a major feat in and of itself!!  Huzzah!

My last post with the OPK help needed seems to have been the best O day.  That was as dark as the line got and with the temperature spike now, I’ve stopped using the OPK’s (also the last 2 days the line has gotten much lighter).  Granted, the hubby and I weren’t too good with the BDing this month (mostly my fault) so I’m not expecting anything to come of this, but there’s always next cycle!  Folks – this could really work!!!!!  I’m can’t even tell you how excited I am about this right now!  When I tried charting in the past, my temps were all over the place, not to mention there was never any spike or drop in temp at any point other than the daily up and downs.  This was a MUCH better cycle!  Again I say, HUZZAH!!


turkeys, family and bd-ing…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope you all have a WONDERFUL celebration with your families!  I know holiday’s can be hard for us IFers (especially for those of us who will be surrounded by children and babies on Thursday!) but I hope that you all can enjoy your family and be thankful for everything you DO have in your life!

My husband and I will be hosting 15 people at our apartment on Thursday.  Yup…crazy I know!  Not only that, but we’ll have 6 people sleeping in our house this weekend and another 4 at a nearby hotel!  We host either Easter or Thanksgiving at our place every other year.  It’s nice to have a break from holiday traveling every once in a while!  I’m very excited for everyone coming and for the food, and for the fun!  We have 21 pounds of turkey set to go!  I’ve baked about 6 pumpkins to make pies and other yummy food with.  People will also be bringing food, so thankfully (see what I did there?) we won’t have to make all of the feast!

While I’m extremely happy to not have to travel and that we are having so many relatives and friends over, there is one problem: when to do the BD??  According to (which I have been diligently putting my BBT’s into everyday for tracking) my possible big-O day is Wednesday.  Luckily most of our house guests will not be in yet, but 1 will.  Not only that, but FF is estimating based on a “normal” woman’s cycle…as this is my first cycle diligently using FF, they have know way of know what my reg cycles are like, and frankly, neither do I.  This is my first cycle on the Metformin, so I have no idea what will happen.  I started doing OPK’s on Sunday…so far the elusive 2nd line has evaded me.  This could mean that if things go according to my hopeful plans, the DH and I may have to BD with 6 guests in our house…yeah.  Awkward.  Have any of you ever come up against this problem?  What do you do??  Do we just hope that my O day is AFTER thanksgiving?  I’ll keep tracking, and I’m not really sure that I WILL ovulate this cycle, but you never know.  Any advice?

we’ve reached critical mass…

Today is the day folks, I’m up to 3 Metformin pills per day!  Took the first pill this morning with breakfast (though I think I should have eaten a bit more, because now my tummy is just a touch wonky), will take #2 with lunch and #3 before bed.  So far things have gone well with the Met.  I’m actually thinking it’s the reason my period started somewhat “early” for me.  Usually, without meds, I’ll go up to 3 months between periods, but this time is was just a bit over a month.

I’m on CD-8.  I’ve been doing the BBT thing so far everyday (except CD1).  I haven’t noticed much difference from when I used to chart, my temp still seems like it’s all over the place:

  • CD2: 97.44
  • CD3: 97.70
  • CD4: 97.50
  • CD5: 97.26
  • CD6: 97.19
  • CD7: 97.44
  • CD8: 97.46

I’m not sure if this is a normal flux or if my body is still crazy and the Metformin hasn’t started adjusting me yet (I know, it can take up to 6+ months, but a girl can be hopeful, right?)

All you BBT vets, is this normal?  I suppose I really won’t be able to tell until I ovulate and start the next cycle…any info would be appreciated!


So just got back from my gynecologist to discuss taking Metformin (or as DH calls it “metrosexual”) for my PCOS.  shockConversation went like this:

DrT: How are you?

Me: Good.  You?

DrT: Good.  So what can I do for you?

Me: Well, I’ve been going to FCI and they’ve diagnosed me with PCOS for the past 2 years.  I’ve read and heard from people that Metformin is commonly prescribed for PCOS so I wanted to talk to you about possibly going on that.

DrT: Sure, I can do that for you.

Yup…it was that painless!  Actually, she was pretty surprised and shocked that my fertility clinic never prescribed Metformin to me after the PCOS diagnosis.  Needless to say, I have been shocked and surprised by that as well!  She also decided since I was over due for my pap and check up to do that today too.  Usually I have some time to mentally prepare for that, but all went fine.

Okay, but here’s the kicker – she gave me Clomid too!!  What the…what do I do with that??  I’ve read putting Met and Clo together often work better than either one on their own, but I don’t really know what to do with Clomid.  We skipped that step with the RE because we only had so much money to work with and we wanted to jump straight to IUI since it had a better chance of working (which turned out to be true on the 1st try, it just didn’t last).

So…Clomid vets, HELP!!!  All I know is that I’m supposed to take it on days 2-5 of my cycle.  She told me to start the Metformin right away.  I’m not going to have any monitoring for this, as her clinic is not set up for that.  She did give me a referral to an endocrinologist, but I’m pretty sure insurance wouldn’t cover that, so I can’t really go.  I’m going to turn to good ‘ole Dr. Google and WebMD, but any insight and help I could get from all of you would be great too.

Can I just take the drugs and then BBT and use OPK’s and go from that?  Should I do anything else?  I’m already working out 3x’s a week.  I really need to start eating better, so that’s on the schedule too, but anything else?  Pre-Seed lubricant?  I’ve heard that supposed to help…I know with Clomid it can dry up your cervical mucus, so I should probably use something to help.  According to DH, we’ll just have to, as he so elegantly put it “boink” every night (yeah, he’s at the bar with some friends right now…).

you know you’ve been TTC too long when…

Everything you start to see makes you think of IF or TTC related things. This is a problem I’ve been having lately. Random, mundane things will all of a sudden look TTC related to me.

The first instance happened last week. I was doing a Focus Group study (basically a company pays you to come in and look at their adds and answer questions. Usually get about $100 for 2 hours. Not bad…) for a company that makes lotions and body washes. Their new add campaign is featuring hand drawn blueberries across the screen during the commercial. At one point they showed an image of a blueberry being used as a clock (to highlight that you will have 24 hours of moisturizing). In some of their other adds the blueberries were used to mark the hours on the clock. On this one, the whole blueberry was the clock. Now this is pretty harmless to a regular person…to me, all I could see was a fertilized egg:

blueberry1 blueberry2

Am I wrong here?  Now, these are not the images they used for their clock…just random clip art I found…trust me, theirs DID look a lot like a fertilized egg.  So, I made a comment about it.  We’re encoraged to say what we think of the adds, so I did.  I was immediatly embarrased.  Of COURSE I was the only woman in the group who would see THAT in the add!  Oi!

Exhibit 2: WordPress Stats.

I opened up my wordpress dashboard to check if I had any new comments or anything.  If you have wordpress, you know on your dashboard you will see a graph that charts the stats of your blog: how many people have viewed it on a particular day.  Completly inocent – unless you’re TTC!!


Anyone else see it?  To me this is not a stats chart of all you lovilies who check my blog: it’s a basil body tempature chart.  Yup, the good ‘ole BBT.  This is especially true for me, as I can’t really chart my BBT because it always looks like this: up and down every day, no matter what.

Maybe I’m going crazy.  Maybe I’ve been at this too long, but one thing is for certain: nothing in this world is the same once you’ve joined the IF ranks!