Aibhilin Gladys

Hi World! This is Meggo’s husband. She asked me to post some pictures of Ava. Here you go!



Hey folks…a quick post to let you know: I had my baby!   I went in for my regular check up on Monday, and ended up being admitted, induced and then an emergency c-section yesterday.  More details will come later.  Basically baby’s heartbeat kept dropping too low so they needed to get HER out quick (yes, a little girl).  After birth she was still having some heart issues, so she’s been in NICU since then.  I’ve only seen her for about 5 seconds which has been very very hard for me, but she is doing well and they think she’ll be in the room with me by afternoon 🙂

So, the stats:

7 lbs 15.9 oz

21″ long

born at 2:59 pm on February 8th, 2011

Her name is: Aibhilin Gladys (pronounced Ayv-leen).  It is a Gaelic name meaning “longed for child”, we thought that was pretty perfect.  Her middle name, Gladys was my great grandma’s name.

Okay, I will post all the details when I’m more coherent and in less pain.  We do have pictures, but I’m on my husbands computer and I don’t know where he put them.


Love to you all!