and we start again…

Well, this Saturday marked the start of a new cycle.  AF decided to show up on 10dpo…really?  Is that early?  Since I have PCOS, I’ve never in my life had a regular cycle, so I have no idea how these things work, but I thought a typical cycle went around 14dpo??  Oh well, at least she came in a timely manor, I didn’t have to face the negative HPT and since last cycle didn’t work, at least we can get going on the next one so soon!  (As my husband said when I told him, “…you gotta make lemonade out of things when, wait, what…you know what I mean…”)

So, CD3 today.

In other news, please keep K from Waiting for Sunflower in your thoughts, prayers, ritual sacrifices, whatever it is that you do.  She is getting nearer and nearer to her due date.  She will be induced on Friday morning unless the little guy decides to make his appearance before that.  Please offer her support as she prepares to meet her baby!

Also, in some way cool news, I got mentioned!!  On the website Spectrum Science.  There was an article written by Kaitlin
Doody called Online Infertility Community Celebrates National Awareness Week and in the article, there is a link back to my post about our #infertility campaign on Twitter!  How exciting is that!!!  And some of you were quoted from your Tweets that day!  Check it out and marvel at the power of social networking to help bring awareness about infertility, during NIAW and all year long!  We rock ladies (and gents…)!!


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  1. k
    May 03, 2010 @ 14:53:32

    Aw Mae- I heart you! Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. Am experiencing slight cramps at the moment so my fingers are crossed.

    I’m sorry for always giving you my, as some bloggers put it, assvice, but 10dpo is not long enough to get a period. . . I would definitely keep a record of it and see what happens this month. I think i read that when your period comes too short after your ovulation (less than 14 days) there could be an issue with your luteal phase. I dunno- but I thought I’d share incase you are keeping notes on your cycles.

    Thinking and praying for very good things for you!! *hugs*


    • meggomae
      May 03, 2010 @ 15:04:15

      I always appreciate your advice!! That’s good to know. I do keep track (I use so we’ll see what happens next, and I guess I’ll be going to Dr. Google and WebMD for advice now! 😀


    • meggomae
      May 03, 2010 @ 15:25:10

      Okay, having just done some google research (I’m an internet doctor, you know *smile*) I’ve found that most sources say that the LP can be from 10-16 days avg. Anything less than 10 can be a problem, and some said 10 can show a problem. I’m right on the cusp there, since I was at 10dpo. I’ve also read that taking an extra 50mg-300mg of B6 can help regulate that, or taking progesterone (I’ll ask my doc about this if it seems to be a problem in later cycles). I think I’ll just add the extra B6 and see if that helps, since it really can’t hurt! I believe that B6 deficiency can be a problem with MTHFR too, so it really can’t hurt to have a little extra!


  2. k
    May 03, 2010 @ 14:53:52

    (and- I’ve been reading yoru posts- I just don’t twitter so I’ve been quiet, but I’m here!)


  3. Susie
    May 03, 2010 @ 14:54:35

    I’m glad you get to start again! Now that you have some answers I’m sure it feels better “knowing” what’s going on and treating it. Enjoy the beautiful sunny and warm days this week 🙂


    • meggomae
      May 03, 2010 @ 15:04:52

      Hey Sus…I’m enjoying the weather as it comes through my office window…wish I could actually be out it in! I’ll be seeing you soon!!!!!


  4. Katie
    May 04, 2010 @ 08:15:23

    Ugh, I am so sorry AF showed. Whether you are expecting her or not, her arrival is never fun.

    (((hugs))) I hope this cycle ends in a BFP!


  5. tillie
    May 04, 2010 @ 17:33:59

    hey we are pretty much cycle buddies this time! AF showed up for me on Friday at 12DPO…stupid AF!

    Hope this cycle equals a BFP for you!!!


  6. 21reena
    May 16, 2010 @ 10:27:58

    I am so impressed with all that you’ve done to spread the infertillity word! And that’s awesome about the shout out!!! I hope the start of this cycle brings you so much joy! xo


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