dr. freakin’ awesome & answers…

Have I mentioned how much I love my MFM doctor?  I really do!  He’s been amazing to me…I’ve only seen him once, but when I have questions or tests come back HE calls me personally!  Can you imagine that??  A DOCTOR that makes phone calls with test results???

Therefore I dub thee: Dr. Freakin’ Awesome!  From now on, that shall be how I refer to the MFM doc.  I wish I could have him for all of my ob/gyn, infertility, MFM related appointments…

Anyway, he called me this morning on my way to work (DH was driving luckily so I could take the call).  My über blood work came back (really quickly too, as I though it’d be late next week before I heard anything).  He said everything came back normal except the MTHFR – basically it means that my body doesn’t hold on to folic acid (which is a tiny bit important when trying to create and sustain a life…).  It also can cause clotting problems that can lead to miscarriage.  He thinks however (and he told me this when I met him the first time) that my 2 losses had just been bad luck and it didn’t seem there was anything particular that led to the losses.

He’s going to send me in for one more test…some sort of enzyme.  I don’t recall the name (I’ll tell you when I get my requisition form).  He’s also giving me copies of ALL of my test results, in case I ever move or get a new doctor so I don’t have to repeat the tests!  Did I mention how freakin’ awesome Dr. Freakin’ Awesome is??  Cause, well…he is!  My DH is heading down there after lunch to get my results and the blood work order form.

So…what is the next step?  I will be adding a folic acid supplement to my daily Metformin and Prenatal.  Also I will start taking 1 baby aspirin a day.  So that’s a total of 6 pills a day!  Oh well…if it gets me my baby in the end it is absolutely worth it!!!

Can I just tell you all how happy I am right now???  It sucks that there is so much wrong with me, and that it’s been a constant battle with my body and doctors these past 3 yrs, 3 mo – but now there is a better answer, and a way to deal with it that just may work.  Now with the combo of my Metformin (so I am FINALLY able to ovulate on my own) and the Folic Acid/baby aspirin (to keep my baby once s/he is concieved), this just may work out!!  A huge swell of hope has hit me again, and it was MUCH needed!!

I emailed my best friend yesterday because I’ve been having such a hard time the past month with all of this.  Baby announcements, births, preggo bellies everywhere and nothing for me but empty arms where my 2 little ones should be.  It hit me hard yesterday…if you’re on twitter, you probably saw my Infertility Pity Party tweets all day…it was a rough one.  But, now today!  I have hope again, something which is desperately needed.  This just might work…


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  1. K
    Apr 09, 2010 @ 14:59:53

    I’m sorry you’ve had a rough few days- and I’m so glad you have some answers. About the MTHFR, do you have one copy or two copies? Two copies are associated with recurrent miscarriage and I think you have to take a prescription folic acid that absorbs better. I only had one copy. Also- if you have two copies I’ve read that you have to do lovenox when you get pregnant. Just wanted to share what I know about it! Congrats on gettingn closer to answers!!!


  2. Braving IVF
    Apr 09, 2010 @ 15:17:55

    That’s very similar to what I found when I had my blood work done. Also the Metformin can deplete your B vitamin levels, I think, making the folgard/fabb supplements even more important. I take two a day, plus baby aspirin plus Heparin shots because of the clotting factor. Never miscarried so preventative.

    Good luck!


  3. Corinna
    Apr 09, 2010 @ 22:03:32

    I’m so glad you finally got an answer, and it’s something you can “pop a pill” for, and hopefully prevent another miscarriage. Would they start you on Folgard instead/in addition to the folic acid if you end up being folate or B12 deficient? Would you need to do Lovenox injections when you get pregnant? We’ll keep praying for you to get the baby you’ve always wanted!


  4. 21reena
    Apr 09, 2010 @ 23:54:06

    WHOO HOO!!!! What a great doc! I’m so happy you have this new hope and a new pill plan!!!! xoxo


  5. Holly @Ready2Bmom
    Apr 12, 2010 @ 01:52:08

    so happy that you have such a great doc and renewed hope 🙂


  6. Sal
    Apr 12, 2010 @ 19:52:38

    I’m glad you finally found someone tuned to your needs. You’re in my thoughts every day!


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