huh, would you look at that…

Yup…that’s a BBT/Ovulation chart, and guess what it shows???  OVULATION!!!  And a temp spike afterward!  I can’t believe it!!!  According to Fertility Friend I have a “good” chance at conception based on the info.  Of course, that’s not taking into account that I rarely if ever have a “good” chance at conception, but just the fact that this seems to prove that I can indeed ovulate (with the help of my new BFF, Metformin) is a major feat in and of itself!!  Huzzah!

My last post with the OPK help needed seems to have been the best O day.  That was as dark as the line got and with the temperature spike now, I’ve stopped using the OPK’s (also the last 2 days the line has gotten much lighter).  Granted, the hubby and I weren’t too good with the BDing this month (mostly my fault) so I’m not expecting anything to come of this, but there’s always next cycle!  Folks – this could really work!!!!!  I’m can’t even tell you how excited I am about this right now!  When I tried charting in the past, my temps were all over the place, not to mention there was never any spike or drop in temp at any point other than the daily up and downs.  This was a MUCH better cycle!  Again I say, HUZZAH!!

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  1. liberalgranolagirl
    Dec 07, 2009 @ 17:58:29

    WOOHOO!!!! I gave up on charting BBT this month but I think that I will be starting back next month/ YAY for O’ing!!!


  2. Busted Kate
    Dec 07, 2009 @ 18:29:36

    Yahoo!!!! Huzzah indeed!!! Fingers massively crossed. Guess what? I got TWO positive OPKs this morning, so we can do the 2ww together this month 🙂 Metformin is truly the bestest BFF… I still need meds on my end for the O, but don’t you just feel better taking it? Good luck good luck good luck, keep me posted!


    • meggomae
      Dec 07, 2009 @ 18:56:46

      Ooo…a 2ww buddy! What every girl needs 😀

      I know, I wish someone (ie: my RE) would have mentioned Metformin when I was diagnosed PCOS 2 YEARS AGO!!! But I’m on the right track now!


  3. K
    Dec 07, 2009 @ 19:25:38

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great news!!!


  4. susq
    Dec 08, 2009 @ 16:57:54



  5. Fertility Chick
    Dec 09, 2009 @ 17:30:34

    Woohoo!! Awesome chart! Yay Metformin!!


  6. 21reena
    Dec 10, 2009 @ 01:40:18

    WOW! That chart is so clear- I think you may have inspired me to try charting!!! yay metformin!


  7. 2 of a Kind Working on a Full House
    Dec 11, 2009 @ 21:15:29

    WOO HOO! Your chart is beautiful. I’m a few days late so I hope its still looking good


  8. 21reena
    Dec 14, 2009 @ 00:12:43

    Hey! Just wanted you to know I gave you an award – come see!


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