turkeys, family and bd-ing…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope you all have a WONDERFUL celebration with your families!  I know holiday’s can be hard for us IFers (especially for those of us who will be surrounded by children and babies on Thursday!) but I hope that you all can enjoy your family and be thankful for everything you DO have in your life!

My husband and I will be hosting 15 people at our apartment on Thursday.  Yup…crazy I know!  Not only that, but we’ll have 6 people sleeping in our house this weekend and another 4 at a nearby hotel!  We host either Easter or Thanksgiving at our place every other year.  It’s nice to have a break from holiday traveling every once in a while!  I’m very excited for everyone coming and for the food, and for the fun!  We have 21 pounds of turkey set to go!  I’ve baked about 6 pumpkins to make pies and other yummy food with.  People will also be bringing food, so thankfully (see what I did there?) we won’t have to make all of the feast!

While I’m extremely happy to not have to travel and that we are having so many relatives and friends over, there is one problem: when to do the BD??  According to FertilityFriend.com (which I have been diligently putting my BBT’s into everyday for tracking) my possible big-O day is Wednesday.  Luckily most of our house guests will not be in yet, but 1 will.  Not only that, but FF is estimating based on a “normal” woman’s cycle…as this is my first cycle diligently using FF, they have know way of know what my reg cycles are like, and frankly, neither do I.  This is my first cycle on the Metformin, so I have no idea what will happen.  I started doing OPK’s on Sunday…so far the elusive 2nd line has evaded me.  This could mean that if things go according to my hopeful plans, the DH and I may have to BD with 6 guests in our house…yeah.  Awkward.  Have any of you ever come up against this problem?  What do you do??  Do we just hope that my O day is AFTER thanksgiving?  I’ll keep tracking, and I’m not really sure that I WILL ovulate this cycle, but you never know.  Any advice?


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  1. K
    Nov 23, 2009 @ 19:04:14

    We’ve done it before, as long as you have your own room it shouldn’t be too much of an issue you jjust have to be very very quiet. It’s not FUN, but it can happen…… hopefully your bathroom is in your room too? If not, just wait until its very very late


  2. 21reena
    Nov 23, 2009 @ 21:58:32

    OMG- what a task having all those people!! I’d never have the energy 🙂

    About figuring out when you’re Oing…I had a really hard time, because (for me) having PCOS I have LH surges long before I actually ovulate so the OPK wasn’t accurate for me. That’s why my RE told me to use Ovidrel (I was being monitored for follicle size). They told me, that with PCOS it’s really hard to know the timing with OPK. When we 1st started (without monitoring), DH and I BDed ALL THE TIME, just to be sure we didn’t miss it 🙂

    We’re now realize we may have some MF IF, so we’re looking into other options.



  3. Lea
    Nov 23, 2009 @ 23:49:55

    We will probably be doing the same thing, except at my mom’s house! Eeek! I’ll most likely ovulate on Thursday or Friday. Looks like we are on the same schedule. 🙂 Good luck to you!!!


  4. katery
    Nov 24, 2009 @ 01:56:53

    oh my god, my husband and i had to bd on a trip we took to chicago with his daughter, we convinced her to take a long leisurely bubble bath but it was pretty awful. i hope you find a more reasonable solution!


  5. lillyshephard
    Nov 24, 2009 @ 12:59:56

    what about in your car, in the garage? we were in a similar predicament a couple of different times and this was one idea we thought of, but never followed through on. in the end, we just waited till it was very late into the night; or another time we waited until the next cycle (torture, i know). good luck if you decide to go for it!!


  6. meggomae
    Nov 24, 2009 @ 16:40:15

    thanks for all the advice! In all likelyhood, I won’t ovulate anyway…this is my first Metformin cycle, but just in case…


  7. Kate
    Dec 02, 2009 @ 05:55:09

    You just got a blog award on Busted Plumbing! Come check it out 🙂 http://www.bustedplumbing.com/


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