amen sister…

Today I found a new TTC blog (I think I’m addicted!)  And was reading her most recent post.  There was something she said that made me want to shout “Amen, sister!”  So, I thought I’d quote her here and link and hope she doesn’t mind!

“I’ve been told that maybe the reason why I can’t have a child is because God doesn’t think I’m ready. Or because I’m just not ready period. Who has the right to make that decision for me? Why can’t I make that decision for me? How am I ever suppose to know if I’m not given a chance? There are many people on this earth that have the chance to be parents and still don’t care about their kids but no one stood there and told them that they weren’t ready or stopped them from having a child.”

Ain’t that the truth?  Look at all the foster kids, kids for adoption, kids getting smacked in the middle of malls, etc…I know, not all of these situations were because the parents were at fault, but I’m willing to bet a good majority of it is.  It is very frustrating to think “well, if I’m not “ready” or it’s not my “time”, then what makes those parents ready??  Just some food for thought.  Thanks to All Any1 needs is Hope, Faith and Baby Dust for stating it so well!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. liberalgranolagirl
    Nov 09, 2009 @ 20:40:05

    Amen. I hate when people say things like that to me. I worked in foster care for 7 years and clearly those parents were not ready to be parents. Sometimes I don’t think that people realize what they are saying and how hurtful it can be to those of us dealing with infertility.


  2. susq
    Nov 09, 2009 @ 21:37:56

    Jeez. You’re never completely ready to be a parent (at least that’s what I think personally!) People try to say it’s the “right time” or you’ll know when you’re ready. Yeah, right. There’s a reason many new parents FREAK out the day they take their babies home!!

    I’m glad you’ve found a new IF friend, I’ll have to check out the blog.


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