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So in trying to get prepared for my meeting with the gynecologist next Thursday I called my nurse at FCI to get my PCOS diagnosis results faxed over so I could take them in to the appointment.  She gathered together the info and explained it to me over the phone yesterday before she faxed it, which was nice.  I now know that my PCOS diagnosis was not just a shot in the dark (they never properly explained it all to me until now, when I asked about it…guess that shows you really need to be an active participant in this whole process!!).  I DEFINITELY have PCOS.  I want to help any of you out there who may not be sure what that all entails, so this is what my nurse explained to me:

1) Antral Follicle count greater than 24 (mine for the past few checks were 40, 35, 27, 35)

2) Irregular Menstrual cycles (Yup, check…)

3) “Pearl Necklace” appearance to ovaries  (this means there are small, pearl like bumps surrounding your ovaries)

4) High androgens (shown through physical appearance and blood tests)

5) LH to FSH ratios should be 1:1 (mine are not…one test was FSH 3.20 and LH 0.842)

So, now that I KNOW my diagnosis better, I feel better prepared to go into my appointment with test results, articles and determination at hand!  I’m really not anticipating much of a fight, but I’m ready if I have to!

But that’s not the interesting news…after explaining it all to me she said she had a question for me.  She wanted to know if we have ever considered IVF.  I told her we are very open to it, but the cost is just too prohibitive.  She then informed me that the clinic is doing a trial for PCOS patients to do IVF at a reduced cost and that she had spoken with the nurse in charge to get us into the trial if we want.  I told her if it was very reduced we would definitely be interested.  So, she faxed over my info and went off to talk to the nurse in charge of the trial.

About 15 min later she called back with the info.  Normal IVF cycles at my clinic are $10,500 +meds ($1-2,000).  The trial is cut in half: $5,500 +meds.  Wow.  I love my nurse.  Not only did she think of us when she heard about this trial, but she spoke with the nurse in charge directly and she is waiting for our call to say if we would like to do it.  I *heart* Jaime (my nurse).  The only catch is that we need to get started before December.  And that’s where the bummer part comes in.

The DH and I discussed it last night.  While we would both love to jump on this opportunity (IVF will NEVER be this cheap again), we just won’t have $7,000 by December.  If we had a bit more time to save up we could maybe have done it, but it just isn’t possible right now.  I hate to give up this opportunity, especially since Jaime worked so hard to get us considered for the trial, but there you go.  I’m upset we have to pass it up, but on the other hand I’m doing okay.  If I didn’t have the Metformin option that we’re working on to fall back on I would have pressed a little harder to try and find a way to do the IVF, but we do have the Metformin “safety net” so at least I’m not completely out of options.

That being said, if any of you win the lottery in the next few weeks and want to donate $5,000 to me, I won’t say no!

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  1. Lea
    Oct 29, 2009 @ 17:00:55

    Oh, if I win the lottery I will definitely let you know! That is such an awesome deal, I would beg, borrow and steal to do it. But I understand not having the funds. I’m right there with ya.

    Hoping to your Met appointment goes well and you get started on that soon!


    • meggomae
      Oct 29, 2009 @ 17:18:27

      I know…we’re pretty much begged & borrowed out – seriously. We’ve been very lucky up to this point with the funds seeming to come in just when we need them, but I think this time our luck has run out…

      Guess we could always go the stealing route, but if I get pregnant, I’d hate to have my baby in jail…


  2. katery
    Oct 29, 2009 @ 23:49:16

    it’s a bummer that you can’t come up with the money, but honestly, even at a reduced rate like that it is still SO expensive. i hope the metformin works for you.


  3. 21reena
    Oct 30, 2009 @ 00:32:09

    I’m so glad you finally have the facts about your PCOS. I wish IVF wasn’t so expensive – and I wish you could take advantage of that amazing deal – maybe some opportunity will come your way. Good luck with your Met appointment! Also, please check out my blog – I nominated you for an award!


  4. katery
    Nov 02, 2009 @ 01:11:35

    how are things going? not sure if you’re into the whole blog award thing but i nominated you for a couple anyways, hope things are good!


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