it’s on…

Went in this morning for ANOTHER blood work & u/s. The tech I had today always tells me the measurements as she goes so I was very relieved when she told me that good ‘ole Laverne had given me an 18 and a 16.5mm!! Yay Laverne! Shirley is still plugging along with a 12mm. Happy to hear that, I went in for my blood draw. I asked to speak to my nurse after that, to get the box of Brevelle she had set aside for me just in case.

Jaime, my rock star nurse extraordinaire had just been looking at my ultrasound and she said, “Your ultrasound looks great. No Bravelle tonight, we’re going to have you do the Ovadril tonight and IUI Saturday and Sunday. I’m going to cancel your blood work for today so you don’t have to pay for it.” I love that woman. She very much understands our situation and does what she can to help us out! Right now she’s calling around to pharmacies in Chicago to see if any of them have the Ovadril. I usually order through Freedom Fertility Pharmacy over the phone and they overnight the stuff to me, but since I need it tonight, that won’t work. She said there are 2 places she knows might have it, and she’ll call me as soon as she knows where to send me. Did I mention how much of a rock star she is?

So…looks like the 2ww starts tomorrow folks. I’m glad we’re finally to this point again, but nervous. At the end of this 2ww, it’ll be my due date for Zippy (Oct 4). That means, depending on the news, that weekend will either be much easier to deal with, or I will crawl into a cave and hibernate for the next month. Any good vibes y’all can send me would be MUCH appreciated!!! Here we go again!

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  1. Katie
    Sep 18, 2009 @ 16:04:15

    Oh Meg, I’m in tears for you. I’m so glad this cycle is a go. I am hoping and praying for you that this cycle is it. There is nothing I can tell you about Oct 4 except it sucks and I just pray that the blow of that date will be easier on you with a positive. (hugs)


  2. Corinna
    Sep 18, 2009 @ 22:00:54

    Hello, I’m delurking to say we’re praying for you, your husband and baby(ies) to be. (We’re friends of SusQ who are embarking on the IUI journey next month. Ugh. At least I know what to expect by reading all of this! –Thank you!) Hope all goes well and that you’ll get happy news at the end of the next two weeks!


  3. lillyshephard
    Sep 19, 2009 @ 03:52:12

    sending good vibes your way!


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