still a bit sluggish…

It seems like these damn things are taking forever to grow…follicles that is. I’m on CD12 and they are still not ready for me! My last IUI cycle I only had to go in for 3 blood work and u/s checks. Come this Wednesday it’ll be #4. “Righty” (let’s call her Laverne from now on) has a 15, 14.5 & 11.5 size follicles. “Lefty” (aka: Shirley) has one at a size 10. I’m a bit nervous that Laverne is the one that’s pulling through. She’s the one that had the biggest follicles with the last IUI attempt and it was a big flop on that one. When I got pregnant with Zippy, it was Shirley that supplied the egg for him/her. I’ve heard that a woman tends to favor one side over the other when it comes to makin’ babies. Anyone know if this is actually true? Can it switch sides or is it always from one particular side? It seems like with my first 2 IUI’s it was the left, and now the last one and this one it’s been on the right.

Got a different tech today…the one I like the best. Very nice, and sometimes asks if I want to help her guide the “probe”. At least then I can say no and she can do it herself. I didn’t like her at first, but that may have been slightly biased since the first few times she gave me the ultrasound check ups she was pregnant. There really is nothing like being in an infertility clinic, trying your hardest to get pregnant by any means, and having a big old pregnant belly rubbing against your legs while you’re in the stirrups. Yup. I told my husband at one point that pregnant women should not be allowed to work at RE clinics. I was only half joking though…half.

Anyway, 75 tonight and tomorrow on the Bravelle, then back bright and early on Wed for another check. LET’S GO LAVERNE!!!

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  1. maybeababy
    Sep 14, 2009 @ 23:03:36

    Good luck to you with this- I heard it can switch sides, so I am hoping very hard for you. When does your TWW begin? (hugs)

    Glad you had a good tech today. I hope next time you get the other one you can gently tell her its hurtful. I’m sure she is very nice though, but she should know how much she is hurting her patients. I am sure she’ll be happy to know once the embarassment wears off.


    • meggomae
      Sep 15, 2009 @ 14:25:18

      Not sure on the TWW yet…hopefully I’ll know on Wednesday. I’m assuming due to the size of them now that by Wednesday they’ll want to schedule the 2 IUI’s…and from past experience my guess would be that they would do them this Friday and Saturday. That would make my test day somewhere around Oct 1st or 2nd. Which…could be REALLY good or REALLY bad, as the 4th would have been my due date and if it’s good news it’ll make that day easier…if it’s bad news, I may crawl in a hole and never come out again. We’ll see.


  2. maybeababy
    Sep 14, 2009 @ 23:03:48

    oh this is “Kate”


  3. Katie
    Sep 15, 2009 @ 17:33:31

    ugh- that is huge. I’m so sorry. I pray and hpe that it will be successful but the stress as you get to those days will be difficult Im sure. you’re in my thoughts. I’m sorry the due date is approaching. That will be so hard.


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