son of a…

Yup…AF just showed up. WTF?? Since when does she come on her own in less than 3 months!?! You know what this means though…it means I ovulated this cycle. Normally, that would make me overjoyed, but the husband and I did the BD (baby dance) very few times because of my damn freakin’ fraken’ staph infection!!!!!!!!!!!!! It may have worked naturally this time, but instead I had to go and get that, missing my chance. Anger. Rage.

Okay, now that that’s over with, I’m ecstatic. This means I can start the IUI cycle much earlier than I had anticipated! On the other hand though, I still have the packing in from the infecting…I was hoping that would be gone before we started this process. There’s no way of know when it’ll come out, because we don’t know how much packing they put in there at the ER. Well, all I can do is call my nurse, tell her what’s going on and hope for the go ahead.

Yay for saving money on cycle inducing meds! Boo for ovulating and not being able to do anything about it! Yay for starting the IUI process earlier than anticipated!! Boo for still having do deal with this damn infection.

This folks, is my life. Please 2010, bring me some better f-ing luck!

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  1. katery
    Sep 03, 2009 @ 23:53:08

    yea, you get to start your iui cycle sooner!! that is so awesome!


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