my life right now…

Hey folks…it’s been a while, and let me tell you, a lot has happened in that time!

At last update, I was counting down to Sept 9th, when I can call in for a perscription to jump start AF.  Still waiting for that, but nervous it won’t happen.  Let me tell you why.

My husband and I had planned to go visit my parents over my birthday (Aug 24th) which we did.  We left last Friday and arrived back last night.  However, before we left, we had a bit of excitement.

I had noticed on my stomach last monday that I had an irritation.  I sometimes do get small cysts of some type there where my jeans rub on my stomach when it’s hot out.  They are small, show up for a day or two then go away.  This one however was about 2 inches around, rock hard and painful.  Any pressure that was put on it was excruciating.  Also, I got home from work on Tuesday after spending the day completly exhausted and went straight to bed.  I ended up sleeping until 10:30 pm when I woke up and realized I’d been having chills the whole time.  Had a temp of over 100.  My husband finally convinced me to go get it check out, so on Wednesday we went in to the doc (a regular doctor to, like, the kind normal people go to, can you believe it?).  Here’s where we start getting into the gross stuff.  The area had burst open that morning, so I showed up at the doctor with washrag on my stomach.  She looked at it a bit and took a culture.  She finally decided that, due to the fever and size of the infection that I should go to the ER.  Yup…I spent 6 hours in the emergency room last Wednesday.  Good times!

We got into a room right away, as my doc had called ahead to tell them to expect me.  We waited about 20 min to see the doc.  They set me up on IV antibiotics and pain killers.  I also got a local on my stomach.  She then used a scalpel to open up the wound to drain it.  Let me tell you, that was the 2nd most painful thing I’ve ever experienced.  Even with all the pain meds they had me on and the local, I could feel it all.  I was crying and screaming the whole time.  I felt bad for the people around me, as we were just in a curtained off section.  I also had a CAT scan, to make sure the infection hadn’t gotten to my organs (it did not).  They were worried that I might have mersa (a very severe staff infection), but from culture results today, it looks like it was just a general staph infection.

So, I’m on antibiotics and I stopped taking the pain meds a few days ago as it is much better now.  Went in to the doc this morning and the infection is pretty much gone.  They put packing in the would at the ER to keep it open (it basically looks like a shoestring) which is put in the infection to keep it open so it continues to drain.  My husband now has the job of pulling out the string 1cm a day until it comes out.  Good times.  That does not feel good either.  More pain in store!  Woo Hoo!

So, that’s pretty much done, and the antibotics are done in about 3 days.  Here’s the main problem – I hope this does not effect starting my next IUI cycle in September.  The infecting is right at the injection site for my brevelle.  I’m hoping we can do it on the other side of my belly button (anyone know if it matters what side you inject on??).  I’m nervous though that they’ll say since it was so soon they don’t want to do an IUI.  Does staph effect pregnancy?  Now that I’ve had it once, I can be more prone to getting it again, so I have to be very careful.  It was just on my skin though, so I’m hoping this will not effect IF treatments in anyway, but I’m nervous.  I’m also nervous that the damn cyst in my uterus will still be there and I’ll have to wait again.  All I can do is inform my nurse when I call on the 9th of everything and hope I get the go ahead.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. katery
    Aug 27, 2009 @ 00:55:32

    whoa, that is WEIRD!! i hope it heals up soon. i don’t see why you couldn’t do your injection on the other side and i also don’t think that it will affect your iui cycle.


  2. meggomae
    Aug 27, 2009 @ 00:57:10

    Thanks for the advice…I’m sure it’ll be fine, but you know how the nerves kick in for this stuff!


  3. katery
    Aug 27, 2009 @ 12:32:32

    oh yes, i sure do.


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