wishing I “knew” you…

I check the blogs of my IF blogging “friends” at least twice a day, sometimes more.  I check some of them more often when I know something is going on in their IF world, or if they’re expecting results so I can keep up to date with them, offer comments when I feel I can say something, and generally just keep them in my thoughts.  I don’t comment on everyone’s blog (sorry), but I do think of you all.

Getting through all of the IF crap is tough, we all know that!  I have some amazingly wonderful friends in my real life who are helpful and are with me in my struggle.  However, sometimes I wish I had some of you in my real life.  Someone who is going through this crap right now that I could call up and cry to on the phone.  There should be and IF bloggers calling tree for when one of us is having a particularly hard time of it!  Or conventions…that are free, as we can’t afford to be paying to go to a convention when there is no insurance coverage for most of us!

I guess I’m just having a rough month (well, year really, but this past month has been close to unbearable).  Just need some time off to sort through everything I guess.


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  1. Kate
    Aug 07, 2009 @ 02:09:44

    Amen. Have you considered checking out a Resolve support group? You said you live in Chi-town and I’m pretty sure they have groups there. You’re lucky to have support in your real life friends. Hardly anyone knows about mys truggles and the ones who do, save for one friend who lives on the other end of the continent, no one really gets it. They just shrug it of f and say it’ll be okay. It’s really tough to have no one in my real life to turn to.


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