*UPDATED* I’m still here…

Hey all.  Sorry for the drought in posts lately!  It’s been kinda crazy: new puppy, trying to unpack, and also trying to get some stuff worked out financially for my treatments, so I wanted to have things a bit more concrete before I posted.

We had another u/s bloodwork today.  Haven’t heard back on what the next step is, but I think we’re getting close to IUI time, which is kind of bad timing, as the hubby and I are going away this weekend for our 4th anniversary (which is Thursday!!!!!!).  We may have to forgo the IUI and just do the old fashioned baby dance!

We’ve also been exploring our financial avenues.  I’d been doing some looking around and thanks to RESOLVE I found some places where you can apply for loans for infertility treatment.  It’s basically like getting a credit card for use only on fertility treatments.  It’s a bit easier for us to make $75/mo payments than $250/week or more depending on what we’re doing at the clinic at the time!  It sucks to have to take out a loan like that and pay it plus interest, but it’s really the only option for us at this point.  So, we should know by today if it’s all gone through and then the money will be sent to our clinic.

We’ve also been INCREDIBLY blessed by the love of friends and family lately.  My best friend sent out a letter to some of our mutual friends asking if they could help us out financially towards our goal of becoming parents.  The response we’ve gotten so far has been amazing.  I can’t believe that many of them are willing to help us with money and with prayers.  Both are equally welcomed and appreciated.  I’ve been left speechless by all the love we’ve gotten from people through all of this, and once again I have little that I can say (which if you know me, that’s pretty fantastic).  All I can say is Thank you, and say it over and over.

We have one more tentacle out there that may be a big help in paying for all of this, but I’ll hold off on posting on that until we know one way or the other on it.**

**Just got news: we had applied for an emergency assistance grant through a program at my work.  Just found out we’ve been approved!!!  I’m so happy.  We had gotten a grant for this before and that one helped us to get pregnant the first time.  Here’s hoping that this is a good sign for what’s to come.  Oh!  And also got word today: IUI on Thursday and Friday!  So soon!  Last time it seemed like it took forever to get to this point.  I’m nervous/excited.  Soon to be on the TWW!

If by some small miracle this cycle is successful, we’ll be able to use all of this generosity to help begin to pay off the loan.  The faster we can get rid of that, the happier I’ll be!  If it dosen’t work, we’ll have a nest egg to try again.

In other news, tonight is the premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!  I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan(atic).  I even went to a convention this past spring for Harry Potter (which you may remember from posts earlier).  So, straight after work I go up to meet my friend Abbey and we get in line – we’ll probably be there around 6ish for the midnight movie.  Oh yes!  I will wait in lines all night to be first in the theatre!!  Due to this, tonight will be the first time I’ll be doing my med injection on my own.  My husband, who is very much NOT a Harry Potter fan, will not be sitting in line with me.  I’m nervous.  I hate needles.  I can’t even look when I get a shot or have blood drawn.  Now I’m going to have to stick the needle in myself!  Abbey may help me out, I’m still trying to decide what to do.  Any advice from any of you pros out there who aren’t such big needle babies??

Guess that’s it for now, I’ll let you know in an update if we get any news on when a possible IUI might be!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. celticwander
    Jul 14, 2009 @ 18:27:32

    I am not NOT a HP fan, just not enough to stay up until 3am watching it 😉


  2. Kate
    Jul 14, 2009 @ 20:58:58

    Harry looks like *he’s* wielding a needle!

    I HEART Harry Potter books but I never got into the movies because I prefer the world I created in my own imagination to the one the director envisioned. Have fun tonight and good luck with injectionS! 😦


  3. Kate
    Jul 15, 2009 @ 20:50:56

    YAY on the grant. So does that mean you don’t have to pay it back if its a grant? How awesomeeeeeeeeeee! Please let us know how your IUI goes. Good luck!


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