on winning the lotto…

Yeah, that is a wishful thought.  I guess you have to play to win, but it’d be really nice right now if I could win the lottery.

Well, as the last IUI didn’t work my husband and I were trying to decide what to do next.  Insurance doesn’t cover anything and we’ve now cleaned out our savings account.  We were hoping we had a good 2 weeks or more to work something out.  We’re looking into possible grants, loans and other sources.  Unexpectedly however, AF decided to show up on Thursday!  Bah!  She never seems to want to cooperate.  When you want her, she’s never there.   When you don’t, there she is!!

So anyway, we had about enough for the baseline u/s and blood work appointment and one box of meds.  We decided to go ahead and do that, hoping that we would be able to figure something out to help cover the rest of the appointments that will be needed this month.

Had that appointment this morning.  I had talked with my nurse about our situation.  I told her if we can’t figure out some funds to cover the rest, we may have to cancel this cycle, but that we wanted to start it, just in case.  After the appointment we requested to talk with her and she came in with 5 boxes of donated meds.  Bless her!!!!  With the dosage that I usually get, she said it should get us through 10 days.  I would be SO HAPPY if all we had to worry about paying were the u/s and blood work appointments.  We’ve worked it out so that we’re being tested for the very minimal amount of things with each blood work, so we’re saving a bit there.

So, small blessings in the form of meds.  Now because we didn’t have to buy the 1st box ourselves we have enough for one more appointment.  Hopefully by then we will have worked something out to get us through this cycle.

Have I ever mentioned how frustrating all of this money crap can be?  Come on national healthcare coverage!!!  Save us all from this neverending loop of insurance company fights and empty savings accounts!!!


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  1. barrenness
    Jul 07, 2009 @ 12:59:28

    Yay for the donated meds! It is so frustrating for money to be the biggest thing standing between you and fertility treatments. I hope it will all work out for you to complete this cycle. I know that all insurance is different, but just out of curiosity, will your ins. even cover the “diagnosis” of infertility? My ins. won’t cover treatments, but they’ll cover the diagnosis. My clinic bills it as monitoring my cycles due to irregular periods, and ins. covers the u/s and b/w. All we pay for is the meds and the procedures (unfortunately, the largest expenses). I’m right there with you. There’s no way we could do treatments if we were paying for everything. Good luck with this cycle! You’re on my prayer list!


  2. meggomae
    Jul 07, 2009 @ 14:25:56

    Yes, my insurance does cover the diagnosis portion, but now that I’ve been “diagnosed” with PCOS, nothing is covered from now on, so we’re all on our own…which really sucks.


  3. barrenness
    Jul 07, 2009 @ 15:31:38

    So sorry to hear that. Totally sucks!!! I’m looking to plant a money tree. If I find one, I’ll let you know where you can get one. 🙂 I really do hope this cycle works out for you. Sending up lots of good thoughts and prayers!


  4. meggomae
    Jul 07, 2009 @ 16:36:08

    thank you thank you…and I’m totally in on the money tree once you get it going 🙂


  5. Karen Cherwien
    Jul 09, 2009 @ 17:32:03

    Hey, Meggon and Justin–praying for you, for peace and hope as you journey through this valley. God’s presence and abundant blessings be with you, now and always.


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