You won’t like me when I’m hungry…

hulk The above is a reference to the Edward Norton Hulk movie, if you haven’t seen it.  Had u/s bloodwork #2 today, and I think it was destined to be a crappy day from the moment we left the house.  The appointment was set for 7:40 am, so we left the house at 7:10, figuring traffic wouldn’t be too bad yet.  Well, it wasen’t horrible, but we did run into a bit of cluster f*ck on Lakeshore Drive…luckily we still got to FCI right at 7:40 so we weren’t late.

But………the waiting room was PACKED!  We always go early because I don’t want to have to miss work for all of these appointments.  Normally 7:40 am would give me plenty of time to do the u/s, bloodwork and drive to work and be there a bit early.  Not today though!  Finally got called back for blood work and ended up waiting another 15ish minutes for that.  Before they called me, my husband had to leave as he haden’t been able to tell his boss he was going to be late.  About 5 minutes after he left, I realized my car keys were safely locked in the car as he is usually with me the whole time, I leave them in there until we leave.  This time though, he’d walked off with his set and I was now stranded.  Nothing to do but try to borrow the clinic’s phone after my appointment and call him (hoping they had a phone book because I didn’t have the number on me).  I don’t have a cell phone, so that’s why I had to borrow the clinic phone.  Finally get called back for bloodwork, luckily got a good tech so they didn’t have to jab me twice.

Next, sent over for the ultrasound.  To wait another 10 minutes.  I see the tech pull my sheet and walk her patient over to bloodwork, then another tech comes out and calls the lady who came after me.  Great.  More waiting.  My tech finally comes back (after the 2nd lady after me got called back) and goes into her room – to talk with one of the techs and docs for another 10 minutes!  In the mean time, she could have put my chart back so another tech could have seen me, but oh no!  I finally get called back, do my ultrasound and head out to the front desk.

I get there and the lady asks me to pay the $600 bill.  I’m sorry what??  We’ve been going to this clinic for over a year now and they’ve always – ALWAYS let us wait until a bill comes in the mail to pay.  She wouldn’t hear of it though.  Not to mention that we had just been there Friday and our chart said $0 owed and now all of a sudden there is an odd $300 charge plus the $200 for today.  Well, I said “I need to use the phone because my husband has the car keys and I need to check and see if we even have that in our account before I can pay.”  We usually pull out from savings when a bill comes, so I wasen’t sure what to do.  I asked for a phone book “Oh, I don’t have one.”  I’m thinking, does someone in the office have one, or do you not want to go check???  Luckily Justin’s work number was on file so I called using their phone.  Got his answering machine.  Great.  Left a message, “You have the car keys and they want $600 dollars.  I don’t know what to do.  Call here and ask for me I guess.”

Apparently, about 5 min after I called Justin had just gotten to work, so he turned around and started heading back.  I’m glad he left so fast, but I wish I’d known he was on his way.  At this point I’m sitting in the waiting room crying not sure what to do next.  2 nurses come over and ask if I’m waiting for something else, as they know I’ve already completed my appointment.  I tell them, no, just waiting for keys to my car.

Finally decide to try and call again and get the receptionist at Justin’s office to track him down.  I was going to tell her it’s a minor emergency and I really need to speak with him.  Of course, though, she’s on another call so I have to go through the prompts to get to J’s phone again.  Answering machine picks up again.  Bah!  If I had gotten the receptionist she probably could have told me that Justin was on his way to save me.

About 2-3 min after call #2, Justin walks in.  I swear there was a heavenly light shining all around him, my savior for the day! 😀  We go over to bill lady and then all of a sudden we can just pay today’s bill and wait for the mailed bill to pay the $300.  Thanks lady, that would have saved me a LOT of stress and tears today.  At this point, the HULK is just waiting to rip through my skin and strangle this lady, but I also just want to get out of there before I sound like a total bitch for the way I was talking to her.  We pay and I book it out of there, tears now streaming down my face.

Next I drive like a crazy woman out of there and drop of my husband.  Trying to ignore the dumb ass driving the 15 passenger van that has decided to drive down the middle of both lanes in downtown Chicago.  Brilliant.  Finally turn on to Michigan Ave and get stopped at a red, and it’s red all the way down.  Beautiful.  It’s 9:00 by now, the time I’m supposed to be at work.  Because Justin left work so fast he wasn’t able to call my boss to say I might be late.  He was gonna call while I was on my way up now.  After getting cut off by taxis, buses and more dumb asses, I finally get to Lakeshore and again, hit a red.  HULK ANGRY!!!  Get on Lakeshore.  Cut off a few more times.  Finally get to my turn off.  Cut off by a bus who is turning left while in the right turn only lane off the exit.  At this point, I’ve decided I need a donut.  It’s odd, but almost every time I’ve had a bad appointment at FCI I must stop for a donut before I go to work.  Either my body really needs the sugar to help me at that point or something!  Get to the store, buy my donut (okay…2) and grab a DDP (Diet Doctor Pepper) which is bad, because I’ve stopped caffeine and alcohol since CD1, but I decided to heck with that for just today.  I’m not pregnant yet!

Finally got to work around 9:40, 2 hours after my alleged appointment time.  Grrr…argh (with a Zombie demon floating by).  Feeling better now that I’m here and having devoured 2 donuts and almost finished my DDP.  So, how was your day?

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. susq
    Jun 04, 2009 @ 16:10:59

    Holy Moleygans. I think I would have become violent!! Way to keep your control 🙂
    Sounds like the clinic needs a new receptionist lady who is more respectful of all the shit you’re having to go through!!!!!
    Wish I could have seen you yesterday. It ended up being a bit of a crazy day. Got to house around 3 and stayed until 5 and then tried for a quick shop/eat at IKEA and then home late late late. Just think though–in 41 days I’ll be closer 🙂 Love ya!


  2. meggomae
    Jun 04, 2009 @ 16:31:11

    Yay! I’m glad you’ll be here soon 🙂

    Oh, and that’s not even to mention the couple that were in very very nice clothes (suit and tie, fancy shoes and what not) who were obviously moneyed who came by as I was waiting for Justin and just had to pay a $25 co-pay! Is it fair that those who could afford to pay this stuff out of pocket get insurance coverage and those of us barely scraping by have to pay thousands of dollars on our own with no insurance? And the couple walking out pregnant today with their ultrasound photos who look about as happy as a cat in a dog pound. Seriously, at least crack a smile! A lady with her screaming 3 year old walked by and I think the newly pregnant couple guy about sh*t himself in fear!


  3. Kate
    Jun 05, 2009 @ 04:06:54

    I got stressed out just reading this! Yikes! I hate the financial aspect of this whole thing. I know its necessarily but when they shove it on your face you really feel like you’re just a part of their monthly financial figure and nothing more. I am sure that is not the case, but they sure make you feel that way.


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