A question…

Before I call my nurse for no reason, I thought I’d reach out to all of you in the IF world and see if anyone has the answer to this question:

I’ve had a pretty nasty cold for the past few weeks, it was worse last week, but it’s getting better.  Right now I get a sore throat in the morning and I cough a lot.  I started my IUI cycle yesterday with my first injection.  Should I be worried about this cold?  Is it bad to get pregnant when you’re sick?  Should I try to see a regular doctor and get rid of the cold before we do the IUI procedure?

If you have any info on this, I’d really appretiate it!


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  1. iamstacey
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 19:49:10

    I don’t know about the cold, but I think it’s a good question and is worth calling your nurse about.
    Thanks for sharing your story. You’re right, the IF world is so brave, so many wonderful women have been strong enought to share their stories and support each other. It’s so good to not feel alone! I don’t know how women did this before the internet!


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